*CRS Community Partners*

CRS Productions special events coordination, media coverage, and unique outreach exudes patriotism, appreciation, and gratitude to our military, veterans, retirees, law enforcement personnel, and our local communities.

We would like to express sincere gratitude to our 2021 Community Partners who make The Christina Silva Show * Educating Our Veterans Live series and our services possible year round.

Pacos Tacos
3438 E. Sahara Ave Ste 185
Las Vegas, NV 89104
702-654-3193 * “We Do Catering”

If you are interested in cost-effective, innovative marketing for your product please make direct contact with CRS today! (562) 254-5420.

For over twenty years, Christina R. Silva, USMC Veteran of CRS Productions has provided professional government contract services, ceremonial events production, and grass roots community outreach to connect clients with their target audiences.

CRS Cares and founded a 501 c3 Tax Exempt private organization, http://www.Camies2Civies.org hosts unique workshops, lunch and learns, resiliency retreats, and fosters collaborative support designed to motivate, empower and uplift fellow comrades in all phases of life. Our military heroes deserve the finest, quality, cutting edge products and savings. CRS delivers top tier customer service with a smile and Esprit De Corps . No Federal Endorsement Intended Nor Implied. CA Supplier #1769934 SBE DVBE MBE

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